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Gebruder Wegerhoff  (GWL)
Berg & Nolte -Tombak Eagle            Feinzinc wreath     
Unknown maker.
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  Observer Badge
      Pilot Observer Badge
Parachutist Badge
Beobachterabzeichen. Instituted in 1936, the Observer Badge was awarded upon completion of two months qualifying service, or after five operational flights in the capacity of an observer, navigator or bombadier.
Gemeinsames Flugzeugfuhrer-und Beobachterabzeichen. Instituted in 1935, the Combined Pilot's and Observer's Badge was awarded to those members of the Luftwaffe who qualified for both the Pilot's and the Observer's badges.
Fallschirmschutzenabzeichen. Instituted in 1936, the Parachutist's Badge was awarded to those military parachutists's who successfully completed six parachute jumps and other required tests. In order to retain the badge it was necessary to requalify each year. 
   Wilhelm Deumer 
            Zinc wreath; 
       Eagle in Tombak.
C.E. Juncker, Tombak.
  Wilhelm Deumer, Tombak.       
C.E. Juncker, Berlin.  2nd Pattern. Tombak.
JMME & Sohn, Berlin
C.E. Juncker, Berlin.  1st Pattern. Tombak.
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C.E. Juncker, Berlin.  2nd Pattern. Tombak.
  Pre-war Assmann 
   Assmann . Tombak    
       C.E Juncker
    Zinc; 3rd pattern.
Gebruder Wegerhoff  (GWL2)